New Blog, New Purpose, Same Focus

Welcome to my new blog! I haven’t written a blog post for a long time now. In my first blog I wrote a lot of book reviews and on various subjects. My intention from the beginning was to view everything, whether it was about dating, books, or homosexuality, in relation to the cross of Jesus Christ. This blog intents to have that same focus, to be “cross-centered”, yet I hope to write this blog with more personal application to my life.

The reason that the title of this blog and my username is fixyoureyes is not primarily because I am commanding others to fix their eyes on Christ and His sacrifice on the Cross, but to remind myself to fix my gaze on the crucified Savior. My eyes are so prone to wonder from Jesus and be fascinated by the vain things in this world. I need to remind myself daily of the grace that was shown to me at Calvary. After I stare for a while at an innocent Man pay the punishment for my sin, I hope to encourage others to survey this wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died.

My posts may be about various topics, but again, I hope to bring personal application to my life. I may write about how a sermon or a song is affecting me or what I am reading in my devotional time. I hope to write a post a least once a week, but that is a pretty lofty goal. It’s difficult to consistently write, but hopefully this new blog and the Holy Spirit will give me inspiration to write.

I hope that you may be encouraged in your faith by my thoughts and words. May God empower my weak words and poor writing skills to show you His glory displayed in Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

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