Two of the Strongest Incentives to Evangelism

“Indirectly in these past verses the apostle indicated two of the strongest incentives to evangelism. He began by emphasizing that the revelation and the commission which had been given to him belong indissolubly together, for what had been made known to him he must without fail make it known to others. All revealed truth is held in stewardship. It is given to be shared, not monopolized. If men cannot keep their scientific discoveries to themselves, how much less should we keep to ourselves divine disclosures? Paul went to emphasize the valuable content of the message itself. He was convinced, as we should be, that Christ never impoverishes those who put their trust in him, but always immeasurably enriches them. Here then is the double obligation that Paul felt, first to share God’s truth and secondly to share Christ’s riches. So what is needed today for a recovery of evangelistic zeal in the church is the same apostolic conviction about the gospel. Once we are sure that the gospel is truth from God and riches for mankind, nobody will be able to silence us.”

– John Stott, The Message of Ephesians, p.120-121

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