Four Marks of People Who Know God

“Those who know God…

1. have great energy for God.

“Men who know their God are before anything else men who pray, and the first point where their zeal and energy for God’s glory come to expression is in their prayers.” (p.24)

2. have great thoughts of God.

“He knows, and foreknows, all things, and His foreknowledge is foreordination;  He, therefore, will have the last word, both in world history and in the destiny of every man; His kingdom and righteousness will triumph in the end, for neither men nor angels shall be able to thwart Him…Is this the view of God which our own praying expresses? Does this tremendous sense of His holy majesty, His moral perfection, and His gracious faithfulness keep us humble and dependent, awed and obedient, as it did Daniel? (p. 25)

3. have great boldness for God.

“Daniel and his friends were men who struck their necks out. This was not foolhardiness. They knew what they were doing. They had counted the cost. They had measured the risk. There were well aware what the outcome of their actions would be unless God miraculously intervened, as he in fact did.” (p. 25-26)

4. have great contentment in God.

“There is no peace like the peace of those whose minds are possessed with full assurance that they have known God, and God has known them, and that this relationship guarantees God’s favour to them in life, through death, and on for ever.” (p. 26)

– J.I. Packer, Knowing God, p. 23-27

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