God’s Wrath is Identical With God’s Love

“Some find a difficulty in that they see wrath as incompatible with the fact that ‘God is love’ [1 John 4:8]. They are so sure of the love of God that  they say that there can be no such thing as the wrath of God. But this is faulty reasoning. The opposite of love is not wrath. It is hate. We can say that, if God is a God love, he will not hate those that he has made, but we cannot say that he will never be angry with them. Indeed, the opposite may well be the case. The more he loves the more he will be angry with everything that mars the perfection of the beloved, that is with every sin. God’s wrath is identical with God’s love. God’s wrath is God’s love blazing out in fiery indignation against every evil in the beloved.”

– Leon Morris, The Atonement, p.174


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