God is Love is a Precious Truth

“That God is love is a precious truth that is accepted by practically everyone, but the meaning we give to love is not always biblical. Modern man confuses love with sentimentality, and sees God’s love as sort of general benevolence which has no other purpose but our happiness. It follows that God will not punish sin. Consequently, every notion of hell is dismissed as incompatible with the idea of a ‘God of love.’ Such thinking is seriously flawed because, although it’s true that God is love, this is not the only thing that’s true about God. God is also holy. The of God as seen on the cross saves sinners, but what are they saved from? The Bible has only one answer to that: sinners are saved from perishing, from the consequence of their sin, from the wrath and judgment of God upon that sin. Why in John 3:16 are people perishing? Because God is holy and will not, and cannot, tolerate sin.”

– Peter Jeffery, Believers Need the Gospel, p.48

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