God Stands Upon Little Things

“In the matter of worship, God stands upon little things. Some things may seem to be very small and little to us, yet God stands much upon them in the matter of worship; for there is nothing wherein the prerogative of God more appears than in worship. Princes stand much upon their prerogatives. Now God has written the law of natural  worship in our hearts. But there are other things in the worship of God that are not  written in our hearts, that only depend upon the will of God revealed in His Word, which would not be duties except that are revealed in His Word. And these are of such a nature that we can see no reason for them except God would have them so. For example, there are many kinds of ceremonies to manifest the honor to princes, that have no reason at all nut merely because it is a civil institution so appointed. So God would have some ways of honoring Himself that the creature may not see a reason for but merely that it is the will of God to have them so.”

– Jeremiah Burroughs, Gospel Worship, p.13


2 thoughts on “God Stands Upon Little Things

  1. We appreciate your faithfulness to Christ as you share His Word with others. Also, we greatly appreciate you allowing us to use the fruits of your labors to enhance the ministry of My Delights and My Counsellors website. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts as you serve our Lord.
    We appreciate your understanding concerning our desire for anonymity. It is only through this anonymity that the Lord alone can be glorified in our ministry. It is because of this desire that we are refraining from any commenting or commenting on other blogs besides the blogs we have chosen to feature. We desire for His Word alone to be presented without any input from ourselves. This is the same spirit that we have seen in your blog as well. We appreciate you for this attitude.
    Now that the site has been active for over a month, and we have many postings that can be of blessing to our visitors, we have decided it is time to begin to actively promote MD/MC on other social media. We covet your prayers that the Lord’s will to be done and He alone would be glorified.
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    Your brothers in Christ.
    The staff of My Delights and My Counsellors,

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