About the Author

My name is Daniel. I am married to my beautiful bride, Karisa, and work as a mathematics teacher in Maryland. I enjoy reading Christian theology that displays the glory and majesty of Jesus Christ. I hope you are encouraged and convicted by the quotes on this blog. Soli Deo Gloria.

6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Hi Daniel!

    You’ve got a great site here . . . I happened upon it by accident in searching for the song “Only Jesus,” since your page included some of the lyrics, only to find out that you are a fellow teacher (I teach special education), AND a fellow Sovereign Grace member (I attend Abundant Grace Community Church in Gainesville, FL), AND we are currently reading one of the same books, “Don’t Waste Your Life”! What are the chances!?

    Anyways, hopefully you don’t think it’s really random that I’m writing this. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your site.

    It’s nice to have stumbled upon you 🙂 God bless,


  2. I found your site through Michele Hardwick’s blog and I’ve enjoyed reading it so far. Thanks for all of your book recommendations and insights. I’ve added your site to my blogroll.

    God bless !

  3. Hey Daniel,

    I found your website by following a link from the Lampmode where you commented about going to T4G. You’ve got a great site here man! Really encouraging reading all those quotes from the books you read and are reading. How do you manage to read all those books at the same time? Honestly I can’t tell you how many books that I haven’t read past the second chapter. I went to T4G also and came back with that humongous stack of free books. God has really been convicting me to do more reading and actually commit to finish the books I start. Once the semester’s over I’m gonna try to start reading one of those books a week. Speaking of T4G though I might be wrong (so this could get a little awkward) but I think we met there. I was one of the four crazy people you met that drove from Fresno CA. Well if it is you please shoot me an email so we can talk more. If this isn’t the Daniel I met, then sorry for creeping you out! You’ve got a nice blog anyway.

    In Christ,

    P.S. You can reach me at nate652@sbcglobal.net

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