Sex and Money: Pleasures That Leave You Empty – Paul David Tripp

“Sex & Money: Pleasures That Leave You Empty” from Crossway on Vimeo.

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A Quest For More Video

I recently came across this video about Paul Tripp‘s new book, A Quest For More. This video has stirred up my curiosity to buying the book. I wasn’t even all that interested in the book until I watched this promotion video. This sounds really stupid, but I really like the background music for the video (especially towards the end). I wonder if that soundtrack comes with the book…

Great Bookstores To Build Your Library

If you ask for C.J. Mahaney’s counsel on how to grow in godliness and affection for the Lord, one of the main things he will encourage you to do is discipline yourself to read and study. Primarily read you Bible, but also read Christian books that supplement your study of the Bible. Check out this video from New Attitude 2007. Below are some awesome bookstores that I shop at to build my library. These books that are biblically sound in order to deepen your love for the Savior. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they are at a great price!

Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore

Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore is obviously a resource for students and faculty for its seminary, but also exists to serve the broader church of Jesus Christ. They some their store in three words: “Informed. Reformed. Academic. ” Paul David Tripp (author of Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand, Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, and father of my ex-roommate) and David Powlison (author of Seeing with New Eyes) are on the part-time faculty at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Monergism Books

Monergism Books is a Christian Internet bookseller located in Portland, Oregon. It exists to serve the worldwide church by providing the finest classic and contemporary books within the rich tradition of historic Christian orthodoxy. It claims to have the best deals on ESV Bibles. Also, be sure to check out, the web’s largest collection of free evangelical Christian resources (articles, essays, sermons, and lectures).

Shop away and build your library!