God’s Glory in Judgment – R.C. Sproul


God’s Holiness is Best Manifested at the Cross

“God’s holiness is best manifested at the cross. Wondrously and yet most solemnly does the atonement display God’s infinite holiness and abhorrence of sin. How hateful sin must be to God for Him to punish it to its utmost deserts when it was imputed to His Son!”

– Arthur W. Pink, The Attributes of God, p.34

God is Love is a Precious Truth

“That God is love is a precious truth that is accepted by practically everyone, but the meaning we give to love is not always biblical. Modern man confuses love with sentimentality, and sees God’s love as sort of general benevolence which has no other purpose but our happiness. It follows that God will not punish sin. Consequently, every notion of hell is dismissed as incompatible with the idea of a ‘God of love.’ Such thinking is seriously flawed because, although it’s true that God is love, this is not the only thing that’s true about God. God is also holy. The of God as seen on the cross saves sinners, but what are they saved from? The Bible has only one answer to that: sinners are saved from perishing, from the consequence of their sin, from the wrath and judgment of God upon that sin. Why in John 3:16 are people perishing? Because God is holy and will not, and cannot, tolerate sin.”

– Peter Jeffery, Believers Need the Gospel, p.48

God’s Answer to Human Sin

“Because Jesus was righteous and good, He was the only one who could bear our sin. That’s why God sent Him into the world. If God was going to save sinners, there could be no alternative. On the cross, the judgment of God falls upon the beloved Son of God. Jesus dies forsaken by the Father; bearing our sin; in our place. He pays the debt we owed for all the laws of God we had broken–and all the sin we will ever be guilty of. Thus, the holy demands of God are fully met. Our sin is punished. Wrath is turned away from us; and the love, grace and mercy of God come to us instead. This is God’s answer to human sin. This is the gospel.

“It’s the gospel that saved us, made us Christians, and, as these truths are continually turned over in our hearts and minds, refreshes us and keeps us close to the Lord.”

– Peter Jeffery, Believers Need the Gospel, p.28

The Gospel Meets Our Greatest Need

“There is a need, however, that over-rides all circumstances. It supersedes the problems of all peoples wherever they are or whatever situation is confronting them. The greatest need, whatever our circumstances may be, of all people everywhere is to be made acceptable to God. All men and women are made by God, for God, and all must answer to God. If there was no more war in the world, no more hunger, full employment, and everyone’s health was perfect, people would still need the Lord Jesus Christ, because they are all sinners under the Judgment and wrath of God.”

Peter Jeffery, Believers Need the Gospel, p.18

The Cross (3 Hours) by shai linne

One of my favorite rappers, shai linne, performing one of my favorite songs, describing the most significant event in history.

Here’s another version of it on Vimeo: The Cross (3 Hours) from The Lamp Lounge on Vimeo.